Peterstow Aquapower design and manufacture water hydraulic products for the mining industry. Their inaugural product, the Peterstow Rock Drill, has been 15 years in the making and heralds a new era of increased efficiency and eco-awareness in an industry that has seen little change in over a century.

Peterstow commissioned us to create the collateral to enable them to disseminate their message to a number of multinational mining corporations on four continents, including website and brochure suite. We also work with Peterstow to develop and maintain brand consistency over a wide range of applications and across a number of territories and organisations within the Peterstow group.
“We have brought to market a unique, water hydraulic technology which has the potential to revolutionise hard rock mining. Our initial brief to Six was to create a brand language, website and corporate brochure which would encapsulate all the key features of this new technology with a visual styling far removed from the image traditionally associated with the mining industry.

What they have helped us achieve is a testament to their understanding of what we stand for and how our technology is different. From a starting point of our simple logo that we wanted to keep and some key statements, we now have a robust and expansive brand identity which we can be truly proud of.
We have had excellent support from all of the team at Six and have forged a warm, very productive working relationship which we value greatly.”

Jenny Stagg, Marketing Manager
Peterstow Aquapower, Swaziland